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Shrine to local Kami in Garan


This Shinto-style shrine stands in the heart of the Garan complex and reflects the importance of the traditions of worship dedicated to the "local"…

Back side of the Saito, in the Garan


Behind the Saito, or Western Stupa, is this lovely green lawn.

The Saito or Western Stupa in the Garan


This plain wood stupa adjacent to the larger Daito is known as the Western Stupa or Saito.

The Daito in the center of the Garan


Viewed from the south, this is the Great Stupa or Daito, with the Lecture Hall to the left.

The Miedo Hall in the Garan


The Miedo, meaning "Hall of the Honorable Portrait," houses an ancient portrait of Kukai, Koyasan's ninth century founder, said to have been painted…