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Japanese Religion Images


The Japanese Religion Image collection contains approximately 240 images of the material and ritual aspects of Japanese religion. Geographic coverage at present is focused on temples and shrines in Hyogo, Nara, Mie, and Wakayama prefectures. A large portion of the collection is devoted to the Koyasan monastery complex. The photos in this collection were taken by Colorado College Professor of Religion David Gardiner.

Asian Cultures Collection

Materials in the Earlham collection are drawn from a broad spectrum of Asian cultures and includes materials both historic and contemporary, drawn from collections of current and former Earlham faculty and students, and other friends and students of Asia. We invite anyone who has resources on Asia that they wish to share to contact us and to contribute to the building of this valuable project of resources for teaching and learning about Asia.

Religious Sites in Maharashtra

The Lake Forest College Collection “Religious Sites in Maharashtra” contains images of three sites in the west Indian state of Maharashtra: Ellora, Khuldabad, and Ajanta, pilgrimage sites for Hindus, Jains, Muslims, and Buddhists. The photos in this collection were taken in January 2003 by Cathy Benton and the audio files were recorded by Mark Nelson.

Asian Takeout

Asian Takeout is a cultural multi-media database created to serve the faculty, staff, and students. Its purpose is to allow individuals to come and “takeout” digitized media related to Asia for use in classroom or campus-related settings. Asian Takeout is organized around a number of keyword concepts and is designed to allow students to participate in adding to the database in an on-going fashion by contributing to Asian Takeout in the form of images or other media, written descriptions, or bibliographic supporting materials.

Rinden-Kanost Collection

The Rinden Kanost Collection is comprised of images photographed by Arthur O. Rinden and made available by his daughter, Margaret Kanost.  Arthur Rinden was an American missionary in Asia, working mainly in China, beginning in 1928.  Included here are five groups of images selected from his broader collections of images.

Beijing 1988

This collection consists of digitized transparencies taken in the fall of 1988 in and around the Beijing environs. It includes images of common architectual sites like the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Summer Palace and Ming tombs. It also contains a fair number of images of city and (Beijing University) campus life. The latter might be of interest since this was the eve of the 1989 student movement. Additionally, there are a few images of Confucius' hometown and temple in Qufu, Shandong.

The photos in this collection were taken by Colorado College Professor of History John Williams.

ASIANetwork-Luce Asian Art in the Undergraduate Curriculum Project


This project seeks to tap the Asian art and items of visual culture that exist on selected ASIANetowork college campuses and help faculty who are teaching about Asia integrate these resources into their courses. The images found in the IDEAS collection are the complete works as selected by Asian art consultants; most of these colleges have further Asian art and materials culture works that may or may not come to be included here.

Please direct any questions regarding this collection to IDEAS co-editor and ASIANetwork-Luce Asian art editor, Prof. Karil Kucera,kucera@stolaf.edu.

The Streets of Singapore

In the summer of 2006, Professor Phua and five students (LiFong Chen, Emily Harsen, Douglas Kaufman, Jason Loh, and Conor Quinn) went to Singapore on a research trip to study the social construction of Chineseness among Chinese Singaporeans. This selection of images was taken during the trip and is organized into three categories Food, Religion and City.

Festivals of the Minaksi Temple

This photographic collection focuses on the religious festivals of the Minaksi-Sundaresvara Temple in Madurai, Tamilnad. Most of the images document the main annual festivals of this South Indian Hindu temple, such as the Chittrai and Avani Mula festivals, in which decorated images of the Hindu deities Minaksi (the Goddess), Siva Sundaresvara, and others process through the streets of the city.

Hugh Dean East Asian Pamphlet Collection

The Hugh Dean Collection consists of East Asian pamphlets, most relating to China during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Each pamphlet is downloadable as a PDF file, and full text searchable. The collection also includes a series of postcard views of historic sites in Japan.

Hugh Deane (1916-2001) was a noted scholar and journalist, and collected many of these documents during his frequent travels to East Asia.