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Geology of Japan

The Earlham College Asian Cultures image collection features a number of photographs related to the geology of Japan taken by Dr. Charles Martin, a professor of geology at Earlham College.

Thorp Collection


James Thorp was a professor of geology and soil science at Earlham College from the 1940s until his retirement in the early 1960s. He was a legendary teacher, as well as a highly respected geologist and an international expert on soils and soil conservation practices. He also was a skilled photographer. The images in this collection are part of a larger collection of images of China in the 1930s that he left to Earlham when he retired.

Japanese food

This exhibit is designed to be used as an activity in a beginning or intermediate Japanese language class.

One of the challenges language teachers face is helping their students understand that the the English translation of a foreign word often has very different connotations than the original word does. This exhibit brings together images of various Japanese foods and meals so that students can compare and contrast these images with the translations of those words in their own language.

Japanese junk food

This exhibit features pictures of various kinds of Japanese junk food.