Landscapes of Japan, 09, Alluvial flatlands, floodplain of Kitakami River, Hiraizumi.

Alluvial flatlands, floodplain of Kitakami River, Hiraizumi

Alluvial flatlands, floodplain of Kitakami River, Hiraizumi. -- Flat land is scarce in Japan and is mostly the result of stream action, though shoreline processes have produced some flat areas along the coast. Here, as its gradient, velocity and consequently its ability to transport sediment decreased, the Kitakami River has deposited sediment eroded from nearby mountain ranges. Most alluvial floodplains like this in Japan are small and linear in shape. Higher flat terraces paralleling the stream may be present if old floodplain surfaces have been uplifted and dissected by a rejuvenated and newly downcutting stream. -- Flat land is important in Japan because it is both the best agricultural land and the best site for cities and towns.
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