Thorp Collection

James Thorp was a professor of geology and soil science at Earlham College from the 1940s until his retirement in the early 1960s. He was a legendary teacher, as well as a highly respected geologist and an international expert on soils and soil conservation practices. He also was a skilled photographer. The images in this collection are part of a larger collection of images of China in the 1930s that he left to Earlham when he retired.


Dr. Charles Martin, professor emeritus, Department of Geology, Earlham College, working with Dr. Thomas Hamm, Earlham College archivist. Editorial assistant: Sandy Augustin. Collection Librarian: Amy Bryant. Please send any questions, comments, or content corrections to Michael Thiedeman, Professor of Art, Earlham College, Richmond, IN 47374 USA. email address: -- For specific reference to the images in the Thorp image collection, you are invited to contact Charles Martin, Professor Emeritus, Geology, Earlham College, email address: