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This aerial photo of Hiroshima was taken on August 9, 1945. (Use the magnifying glass tool in the left of the tool bar to enlarge the photo.) The legend in the upper right provides the key for the graphic colors -- buildings in the area in red were…

People fleeing the fire, The 6th around 8:40 a.m. 1,300m from the hypocenter, Near the Yokogawa Bridge. The heat rays ignited the wooden bridge. All around the neighborhood was a sea of fire. As the conflagration grew, it generated frequent fire…

Trapped in a fallen house, this mother and child were surrounded by fire and calling for help. August 6, around 9:00 am, Tanaka-machi, about 1,000 meters from the hypocenter.

Sea of flame near the hypocenter, Afternoon of the 6th. -- The scene at the Aioi Bridge, 300 meteres from the hypocenter. Flames totally engulfed the area near the hypocenter and countless victims lay on the ground. Beginning shortly after the…

Downtown Hiroshima, engulfed in fire, glowing red, floating in the dark Night of the 6th. -- As seen from Koi, 2,500 meters from the hypocenter. Drawn by Gizo Shimomura.

This photos shows the frame of the Odamasa Store that had stood on Ebisu-cho, 840 meters from the hypocenter. The steel framework of the building has been completely twisted by the extreme heat of the explosion and the ensuing fires that swept the…

This photo shows the city in flame on August 6, as seen from Furuichi-cho, Asa-gun, 7,000 meters from the hypocenter.

A view of the burned-out community and a burned streetcar, taken from Moto-machi, 310 meters from the hypocenter. The photo was taken on August 12, 1945.

This view is of Yamaguchi-cho and Shimoyanagi-cho seen from Hiratsuka-cho. The site is 1,350 meters from the hypocenter. The photo was taken in mid-August, 1945.

This photograph was taken the day after the bombing and shows city center still smoldering. There is the body of a young boy in the lower left. The photo was taken from Shimonakan-cho, 470 meters from the hypocenter, August 7, 1945.
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