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View of the second floor interior of the museum at the Son My Vestige Area. The museum houses a combination of photographs and artifacts from the massacre site of My Lai.

View of the museum from just inside the gates of the Son My Vestige Area, better known to the world as the site of the 1968 My Lai massacre. Newly remodeled, the museum houses artifacts and photographs related to the US build up in the area, theā€¦

Embroidered wall hanging depicting a wish for successful completion of the civil service exams.

Shoes for bound feet approximately 3 inches in length.

Image of a Manchu woman's shoe, showing "platform" heel that also made movement somewhat difficult for women, but did not entail the pain of the Chinese footbinding practice.

Embroidered shoe worn by a female member of the Manchu ethnicity during the Qing era. As a rule, Manchu women did not bind their feet.

Woodlblock print of moonlight on the Sumida River in Japan. Boaters are backlit with gradation of tones highlighting a temple pagoda in the distance.

Embroidered purse of about 3 inches square sowing images of butterflies and peonies. Given the subject matter of the images, it was probably used by a woman.

Sword made of coins threaded onto a string. Said to have been hung over the cots of newborn babies to ward off evil spirits.

This garment would be worn at a wedding, and carries the auspicious 'double happiness' character in the center. Red is common for wedding gowns in China historically since it is considered a lucky color.
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